Triptorelin pamoate


Triptorelin pamoate

Drug updated on 5/14/2024

Dosage FormInjection (intramuscular; 3.75 mg, 11.25 mg, 22.5 mg)
Drug ClassGonadotropin-releasing hormone agonists
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  • Indicated for the treatment of advanced prostate cancer.

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  • Triptorelin pamoate (Trelstar) is used for the treatment of advanced prostate cancer.
  • A total of one systematic review/meta-analysis document was reviewed, which contained an study comparing Trelstar with other gonadotrophin-releasing hormone (GnRH) agonists such as goserelin and leuprorelin in treating prostate cancer.
  • The comparative study identified 16 direct trials, however none were adequately powered for survival outcome measures and are restricted in terms of patient numbers, formulations assessed, and endpoints measured.
  • In terms of efficacy outcomes among these GnRH agonists to reduce levels of testosterone or prostate-specific antigen related to prostate cancer treatment, no major differences were found according to the studies reported within this systematic review/meta-analysis document.
  • Some studies suggest there may be differences in short- or long-term testosterone control between triptorelin pamoate (Trelstar), goserelin and leuprorelin; also variations might exist regarding rate of injection site adverse events but definitive conclusions cannot be drawn from existing evidence due to lack thereof.
  • While all three GnRH agonists provide a similar castration effect essential for advanced prostate cancer management, it's noted that there isn't enough evidence currently available to definitively state that they are equivalent in their effectiveness or safety profiles based on this single systematic review/meta-analysis document reviewed here.

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