Drug updated on 5/17/2024

Dosage FormTablet (oral; 120 mg)
Drug ClassGonadotropin-releasing hormone receptor antagonists
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  • Indicated for the treatment of adult patients with advanced prostate cancer.

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  • Relugolix (Orgovyx) is indicated for the treatment of adult patients with advanced prostate cancer. It causes significantly fewer cardiovascular adverse effects compared to GnRH agonists like leuprolide and goserelin, indicating better cardiovascular safety.
  • The information was derived from two systematic reviews/meta-analyses focusing on the safety and effectiveness of Orgovyx in treating adult patients with advanced prostate cancer.
  • In terms of adverse events, relugolix showed similar rates to another GnRH antagonist, degarelix. However, relugolix did not associate with injection site reactions, unlike degarelix.
  • When assessing efficacy by 12-month castration rates with testosterone levels ≤50 ng/dl, relugolix demonstrated a rate comparable to both degarelix and GnRH agonists, indicating similar effectiveness across these treatments.
  • Although specific subgroup analyses were not reported in detail, it's noted that one study mentioned an association between a lower castration rate and higher dose of degarelix but did not provide separate data for relugolix regarding this outcome.
  • Overall, Orgovyx presents a favorable safety profile, particularly concerning cardiovascular risk when compared against more commonly used treatments, making it a potentially preferable choice especially for those at high risk for heart disease.

Product Monograph / Prescribing Information

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