Abobotulinumtoxin A


Abobotulinumtoxin A

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Drug updated on 5/17/2024

Dosage FormInjection (intramuscular; 300 units, 500 units)
Drug ClassMultiple
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  • Indicated for the treatment of cervical dystonia in adults.
  • Indicated for the temporary improvement in the appearance of moderate to severe glabellar lines associated with procerus and corrugator muscle activity in adults < 65 years of age.
  • Indicated for the treatment of spasticity in patients 2 years of age and older.

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  • Abobotulinumtoxin A (Dysport) is approved for the use in the management of cervical dystonia in adults, the temporary enhancement of moderate to severe glabellar lines due to procerus and corrugator muscle activity in adults under 65 years of age, and for managing spasticity in patients aged 2 years and older.
  • Seven systematic reviews/meta-analyses were analyzed, covering a variety of applications from therapeutic treatments such as cervical dystonia and spasticity, to cosmetic improvements like the reduction of facial lines.
  • Dysport demonstrated potentially superior outcomes compared to OnabotulinumtoxinA in reducing episodes of urinary incontinence, particularly at doses of 800U. There were similar rates of treatment-emergent urinary tract infections, indicating comparable safety profiles.
  • For cosmetic applications, favorable results across multiple off-label uses were observed, indicating effectiveness with high patient satisfaction. There were no serious adverse events, suggesting a beneficial safety profile.
  • In the management of hyperhidrosis or excessive sweating, Dysport showed positive outcomes for various types, including axillary and palmar, with high patient satisfaction. The absence of reported serious adverse events highlights its strong safety profile for this condition.
  • In pediatric patients experiencing lower limb spasticity, significant benefits over OnabotulinumtoxinA in terms of tone and functional outcomes were noted, while maintaining similar tolerability. This emphasizes its potential value in pediatric care strategies.

Product Monograph / Prescribing Information

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Systematic Reviews / Meta-Analyses

Clinical Practice Guidelines

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