Darbepoetin alfa



Drug updated on 10/23/2023

Dosage FormInjection (intravenous/subcutaneous: 25 mcg, 40 mcg, 60 mcg, 100 mcg, 200 mcg and 300 mcg), Injection (intravenous/subcutaneous: 10 mcg/0.4 mL, 25 mcg/0.42 mL, 40 mcg/0.4 mL, 60 mcg/0.3 mL, 100 mcg/0.5 mL, 150 mcg/0.3 mL, 200 mcg/0.4 mL, 300 mcg/0.6 mL, and 500 mcg/1 mL)
Drug ClassErythropoiesis-stimulating agent
Ongoing and
Completed Studies


  • For the treatment of anemia due to Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) in patients on dialysis and patients not on dialysis
  • For the treatment of anemia due to the effects of concomitant myelosuppressive chemotherapy, and upon initiation, there is a minimum of two additional months of planned chemotherapy.